Hi, I'm ShahedBinSagor

Certified Digital Marketing Specialist, Virtual Assistant and Google Ads Certified
0.0 (0) Bangladesh
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Hi, I am Shahed! I am a Certified Digital Marketer and Virtual Assistant. It's not that I just got the certificate. I know almost all the work of digital marketing very well. Honestly, even if you tell me to do things I can't do, I won't. Only do things that I am really good at. ORDER NOW!!


  • Spanish - Fluent
  • German - Fluent
  • Dutch - Fluent
  • English - Fluent


  • Digital Marketing - Expert
  • Translation Expert - Expert
  • Google Ads - Expert
  • Facebook Ads - Expert
  • Facebook Pixel - Expert
  • Google Merchant - Expert
  • Tracking - Expert
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